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Discovering an Antibody’s Therapeutic Fingerprint

Learn how to use high throughput SPR to explore the full kinetic and epitope diversity of your antibody libraries at the earliest stage.

This white paper describes the benefits of using high throughput SPR to identify near-optimal leads with the most therapeutic potential and shorten the library-to-leads timescale.

We outline the process of multi-parameter epitope binning, which combines the results from powerful epitope binning experiments and detailed kinetic/binding characterizations, with orthogonal data from functional studies. The result is a detailed fingerprint of each antibody’s therapeutic potential, which helps prioritize resources and determine mechanism of action (MOA).

Knowing an antibody’s MOA is critical to its clinical success.

Read our white paper on determining mAb MOA. Learn about multi-parameter epitope binning and the generation of therapeutic antibody fingerprints for understanding MOA.


MOA White Paper

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